We enjoy helping our patients feel comfortable and confident again, and maximizing their activity and quality of life. In addition to other areas of pelvic reconstruction, part of our expertise involves addressing cosmetic issues that may impact this part of the body. These problems are actually common, and it’s important to understand that solutions do exist. As surgical subspecialists, we are skilled to perform cosmetic and reconstructive vaginal procedures to help “get your body back”.


  • Vaginal ‘looseness’ 
  • Elongated labia leading to discomfort 
  • Excess skin in the genital area after childbirth or previous surgery
  • Improper healing of the perineum or vagina after childbirth
  • Enlarged clitoral hood
  • Vulvar asymmetry 
  • Enlarged mons pubis and labia

Specific Cosmetic Procedures

Labiaplasty, labia minora reduction

The goal of a Labiaplasty procedure is to reduce the size / length of the labia minora so that they don’t hang below the labia majora.  An elongated labia minora (“labial hypertrophy”) sometimes causes discomfort as it rubs against clothing, twists or tugs during physical activity or during intercourse, and in other cases can make a woman self-conscious.    

Labiaplasty is sometimes performed on one side only, to restore symmetry when one labia is significantly longer than the other, or in some cases to reduce the length of both labia if they are both elongated. 

Labiaplasty: Wedge Procedure

The wedge labiaplasty involves removal of a pie-shaped segment of skin tissue at the base of the labia; the shortened labia is then fastened with absorbable sutures at its base.   This procedure offers the advantage of a natural contour to the external labial skin surface, as the closure sutures are “tucked away” into the base (bottom area) of the labia.  

Labiaplasty: Trim Procedure

The “trim” labiaplasty is a common procedure, during which extra labial tissue is removed and the incision, located right on the labial surface, is sewn up directly. 

“Tightening” and Restoring and Enlarged Vaginal Opening 

Stretching of the perineal muscles at the vaginal opening is common after childbirth, and even after proper repair of an episiotomy or vaginal laceration after delivery, the tone of the vagina may remain too loose to feel normal and enjoy intercourse or even to retain a tampon, despite trying Kegel exercises.  Perineoplasty is a commonly performed procedure that helps to restore normal vaginal “tone” for women who are feeling too loose.    This procedure involves a small incision at the vaginal opening, and reinforcement of the muscle attachments in the midline of the perineum that establish vaginal tone.   It typically takes around 20 minutes to perform, on an outpatient basis.  

Clitoral Hood Reduction and Cliteropexy 

This procedure is often combined with labiaplasty to create labia minora symmetry and prevent clitoral hood sagging. Some women believe that it may improve sexual function by increasing sensitivity by allowing more direct clitoral contact.

Labia Majora Augmentation 

This procedure creates a symmetric and fuller appearance to the vulva or vaginal ‘lips’. The patient’s own fat can be injected into the labia majora. 

Mons Pubic Lift and Labia Majora Reduction 

For some women, a protruding mons pubis (the fatty area near the pubic bone) and/or labia majora (outer labial lips) may lead to self consciousness. This cosmetic complaint is more common in women who have been obese and then lose weight, a process that leaves behind fat deposits and excess skin. Surgical correction typically includes performing a pubic lift, removal of excess fat and/or skin, and “lifting” of tissues towards the abdominal muscles. These techniques are meant to improve self-esteem and hygiene, while also often reducing difficulties with sexual intercourse and discomfort in the vulvar and lower pelvic area.

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