Being a nurse of many years can be problematic in that some providers think “I know everything” and I certainly don’t. Dr. Dutta explained everything in detail, which was very helpful to me because I don’t know much about my problem except what I can find on the internet. She was amazing.

My procedures was a repeat surgery and involved a high level of medical complexity. This was the reason I traveled from out-of-state to specifically see Dr. Goldberg. Everything about my initial consultation and the surgery following it reinforced the wisdom of that decision. Dr. Goldberg and his team treated me and my family with care, respect, and a high degree of professionalism. I felt I couldn’t be in better hands and am delighted with my recovery.

Dr Gafni-Kane is extremely thorough in his explanations of the process and in terms you will understand. He takes his time, gets to know the patient (in this society it is very important), and makes sure you are aware that you are his priority. This is a physician/surgeon who is well liked by patients, staff, nurses, etc. when you mention his name.

Before my procedure, I was unable to walk across the room without pain and discomfort due to my prolapse. A little over a year later, I take long one to two hour walks almost daily, and have been playing golf three or four times a week. I am able to better control my borderline diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure without medication because I can be active again. In short, your care and this procedure were life-changing.  I feel great and I thank Dr. Rostami and her team so much!

I had seen a few doctors for my urological condition prior to seeing Dr. Sand. I had been misdiagnosed, placed on medications I did not need, and my quality of life was not great. Dr. Sand reviewed all of my medical records prior to our first visit, conducted some of his own tests, and properly diagnosed my condition and tailored a treatment plan that worked for me.

After having two kids, I didn’t know if I’d ever play competitive tennis again. Dr. Goldberg helped me get back on the court almost immediately and I could not be more thrilled.

Very satisfied with her patience and compassion. Dr. Dutta answered all my questions and gave me options about my issues. She was so informative, very sweet and really liked her friendly demeanor. She really gave me risks and benefits about my condition and put me at ease and peace about my condition. I would highly recommend her to anyone, and look forward to any future appointments with her, if necessary.

Dr. Goldberg took his time and discussed all issues, concerns and possible solutions. I felt empathy and understanding from the minute he came in the room. So far, he seems very experienced in the area I need him to be and I feel hopeful and confident moving forward with his recommendations. he put a lot of my fears at ease and gave me reassurance that we will fix these issues.

Dr. Dutta is one of the most kind, professional and sincere physicians I have encountered in a long time. She truly has amazing bedside manner making the patient feel valued. She took so much time explaining things in a very easily understood manner and genuinely had concern for my well being. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing these specialty services. Kudos to NorthShore for finding such an excellent and skilled physician.

Finally a uro-gyn who doesn’t take a 1-way-fits-all approach to chronic UTIs like all other doctors I’ve dealt with at NorthShore who require culture after culture before prescribing meds, want to throw out “subclinical” results, and refuse to treat with any drug but Macrobid!!! Dr. Gafni-Kane took my recurrent infections seriously, giving me hope a doctor will actually work with me again to manage and even prevent my UTIs.

Dr. Sand is always caring, informative, and includes me in the decision making process of my own medical treatment. He listens to what I have to say, never becoming impatient, even though I take up a fair amount of time when I see him, and is always a pleasure to be around. I have the highest confidence in Dr. Sand and have referred many people to him over the years. A better doctor you will not find.

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