Quick, accurate, and comfortable diagnosis of your pelvic floor problems can happen right in our office. We utilize 3D Pelvic Floor Ultrasound for precise evaluation of complex pelvic pain, assessment of mesh and sling implants, female bowel problems, and unexplained pelvic symptoms.

This technology provides a vivid, detailed picture of the internal pelvic support structures—without the need for more expensive and inconvenient MRI or CT scan studies. It’s quick (less than 10 minutes), requires no preparation, and involves little to no discomfort. Our Advanced Pelvic Floor Imaging team is currently conducting numerous active research projects utilizing pelvic floor imaging to identify the root causes of female pelvic symptoms including urinary incontinence and bowel dysfunction. Advanced Pelvic Floor Imaging services have been available at our Skokie office for several years and are now being expanded into Lake County, with a brand new 3D ultrasound testing unit scheduled to launch soon at our Highland Park office location.

Ultrasound Imaging Can Help Diagnose

  • Pelvic pain
  • Painful intercourse
  • Problems after surgery: mesh and non-mesh
  • Bowel issues: constipation, incomplete emptying
  • Urinary incontinence

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