Believe it or not, yes!   Our center is one of only 20 centers in the country to be participating in an FDA pivotal trial of the new electroceutical coin (eCOIN) Implantable Tibial Nerve Stimulation Device for Overactive Bladder. The eCoin is a nickel-sized stimulator device implanted in the office under the skin near the ankle. When the device is turned on, it stimulates the tibial nerve pathway that eventually reaches the “nerve control center” of the bladder located near the sacrum. This therapy treats urinary urge incontinence, urgency and frequency in women. The goal? A permanent implant that allows women to control their overactive bladder symptoms without the use of medication.

The e-coin clinical trial is in progress at this moment, being led at our center by Dr. Sand and Dr. Dutta.  This futuristic treatment, we hope, will duplicate the excellent results we’ve seen with PTNS which involves nerve stimulation of the same site near the ankle using an acupuncture needle, while providing long-term effects and reducing the need for office visits. 

We are excited to offer the eCoin therapy to our patients by participating in this exciting clinical research trial. Click here for a recent report of this ongoing research.