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Our Postpartum Pelvic Floor Clinic

Women’s Pelvic Surgery Specialists is thrilled to announce we are now scheduling patients at our innovative, multidisciplinary program: The Body After Baby Pelvic Floor Clinic.

Are you recovering from childbirth, or have you experienced an injury or change in pelvic floor function?  If you were running the Chicago marathon, you’d have a detailed and thoughtful plan for pre-race preparation, and post-race recovery.  The reality is, childbirth is mother nature’s marathon:  perhaps the biggest stress your body will ever face. Don’t ignore the challenge, and the importance this will have in terms of your future comfort and control relating to your most basic bodily functions and even sexual function. With just a bit of attention you can be prepared, be informed, prevent problems and maximize your recovery.    

Our Body After Baby clinic provides evaluation, advanced pelvic imaging, and treatments for pelvic floor problems that commonly occur even after what may seem to have been a ‘normal’ and uneventful childbirth.  

Common postpartum conditions we evaluate and treat:

  • Episiotomy repairs and other injuries to the perineum, vagina, anal sphincter 
  • Pelvic muscle injury: Occult (hidden) injuries to the pelvic floor muscles may occur in up to 80% of women, especially after prolonged or instrumented vaginal birth.  These injuries can be clearly diagnosed using a quick 3D pelvic floor ultrasound in the office. 
  • Bladder control problems
  • Bowel control problems
  • Constipation, and difficulty completing bowel movements
  • Change in sexual function
  • Pre-delivery pelvic floor counseling:  whether you’re looking ahead to your first delivery, or have already had a baby and planning ahead for a more informed next one, we are happy to meet and provide expert advice.  

Women eager to get an early and accurate diagnosis and to maximize their ability to get their body back after baby are encouraged to contact us.

Convenient office hours and locations

The Body After Baby Clinic is offered at our Skokie and Highland Park locations.

Appointments are available during Mom-friendly Saturday hours! Leave the kid(s) with your spouse or sitter, and take care of your post-childbirth body.

Early recognition and management of pelvic floor injuries and symptoms is the key to long-term quality of life when it comes to your pelvic health.  

Please contact us for an appointment, and take the first steps to your best Body after Baby!